Lady of athleisure. 

My aspirations to travel started as a goal of running a marathon on every continent. I picked out races I could run quickly, then transitioned to trail races wild with scenery.

But the world grew each time I packed my bags.


Insatiable adventuress. 

Traveling grew away from being just about running. It was about the broken conversations to speak, the new foods to taste, the transportation to conquer. It was about the big, beautiful sites to see just outside my comfort zone.


Outdoor enthusiast.

The Internet wants readers to believe that travel bloggers live glamorous lives and never show up for business stakeholder meetings. That's not the case for me.

From backpacking abandoned stretches of California's coast to exploring retreating glaciers in Antarctica, I've figured out ways to explore the world while training for marathons and working a full-time desk job.


Free-time traveler.

Join me on my adventures.

Alyssa Yell Headshot